The sons of the Empire's nobility often choose to join one of the select brotherhoods throughout the Empire. Some of the smaller Orders recruit from the local nobility, such as the Knights of the Blazing Sun, the Knights of the Black Rose, the Knights of the Broken Sword, etc. Some restrict their membership to worshippers of a particular god and are reffered to as Templars, such as the member of the sinister Black Guard of Morr or the Knights of the Everlasting Light. A Knight displays the emblems of his order on his armour and shield, and the style of his armour and dress follows a traditional design. Knights owe their allegiance directly to their lord: the Grand Master of their Order. Each Order has a very complete hierarchic structure, but almost all of them are goverened by an Inner Circle of Knights. These heroic warriros have accomplished a mighty feat of arms, distinguishing themselves and earning the fight to ascend to this important position. The Knights of the Inner Circle are the elite of the elite, certainly the best fighting men of all the Empire.